Friday, August 4, 2017

Week 58

May 8, 2017
So this week has been adventurous. We walked through lakes, played musical chairs with Elder placement, and everything tried to go wrong on Sunday.

So lets talk about first things first. It was not a lake that we walked through, but we did walk through a flooded road, let me show you what some other flooded roads looked like.

ok, now that we are on the some page. Elder Sutton and I walked through a good 50 feet of flooded road, our shoes were SOAKED. Luckily it dried up a lot overnight, so it wasn't as bad the next day. This also happened the day that Elder Shaffer left Sav, he had been here in Sav for 10 and a half months. As for Elder Sutton, he has been in Jamaica for 3 months, he is from Rexburg, Idaho. Yes, he does live only an hour away from my home ward. Last of all the water was giving trouble in church on Sunday. It is very much need to use the bathrooms there.

As you can see it was pretty adventurous, but all that doesn't compare to what we shared. Why we travelled through the flooded roads. We went there to see a family and share the wonderful message of the Restoration with them. It was worth it. I do have to go now, but I wish you all the best.

---Elder Wood---

Myself & Elder Sutton

My desk looked like this today.

Elder Sutton's desk.

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