Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Week 57

May 1, 2017

Well, another Transfer is coming to a close, it is the last week in this tranfer. I also only have 2 more days with Elder Shafer, afterwards, I will be serving with Elder Sutton. I will still be in Sav, in fact, I will be the District Leader. We had a baptism on Friday, his name is Brother McKnight. We were also able to meet with Elder Martinez and Brother Owen from the General Authorities on Saturday. That was an amazing experience to participate in. They helped remind us of why we are out here, and why we work so hard.
As for the distance to Negril, it takes us close to 45 minutes to get to Negril, depending on how fast the taxi driver drives.
I know that as we listen to the Spirit we will be able to accomplish miracles. I can't wait to tell you about the miracles that are happening in the coming week when I email you next monday. It is that time where I wish you all farewell until next time.

---Elder Wood---

We had another baptism this week! His name is Chris McKnight, he lives in Negril.
Some of his family sang a primary song to help the family set their goals toward the temple now that the entire family is now members. It so awesome that "families can be together forever"!
And as for the last one, Help! I have been buried!

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