Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 13


Things happened.

The End.

This week has been a spiritual overload. We had 3 times as many lesson this week as we did last week. One of my goals before i leave Ochi is to have people scheduled for baptisms every week because the work is truely something special and i hope that i do all that i can to bless the lives of the people here. The sisters had a baptism on Saturday (the waves were pretty big). It was great to have another come into the fold. Ragae will have his bapstism this Saturday. My current companion is Elder Palmer, he is from Washington. I still dont have pictures of us together yet. I am so glad to be out here on a mission in Jamaica, I know that this is the best decision of my life (so far).

Wish y'all the best,
--Elder Wood--

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Week 12

Whoops, almost forgot about this email.

This week has been a strange one. We had a trade-off and we went from Ochi (Ocho Rios) to Mo-bay (Montego Bay) for a full 24 hours. That was interesting. We had a pretty full sacrament meeting. I gave a talk on service and home teaching.

We had quite a few appointments fall through on us this week but i know that as we plan better and do all that we can that the Lord will bless us while we are doing his work. 

I am out of time to email, so i wish you all the best. Time to go do the Lord's work because it is such a blessing to be out here. I hope that all will come to the knowledge of the Fullness of the Gospel, and i need to do my part.

Wish you all the best,

--Elder Thomas Wood--

One of the many cruise ships

The Countryside

Beautiful Jamaica

Week 11

June 13, 2016
So much has happened this past week.  I will try my best summarizing it in 20 minutes.

We have a golden investigator.  He is a 16 year-old (looks like he is 25) and he LOVES the Gospel.  He is recognizing the Holy Ghost in his life and keeping all of his commitments.  His baptismal is the 25th of this month, we only met him like a week ago.  Ragae is awesome

We had a baptism on Saturday.  It was Aliema, she is in a fairly active family and I am glad that she has made this step.

We floured the Branch President's wife yesterday because it was her birthday.

The terrain in Ochi is quite hilly but much more capable to ride up.  Just need to make sure I regularly replace my brake pads.

This is so awesome and I love doing the Lord's work out here,  I hope to continue blessing the lives of Jamaica while I am out here because we have a Father that truly loves us and I want to recognize His love and have the Holy Ghost in their life.

Love you all,
--Elder Wood--

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Week 10


I wish I could say that my transfer went off without a hitch, but the hitch was that the bus that I was supposed to get on, left 15 minutes before the bus I rode got there.  The Assistants to the President then drive me from Kingston to Ocho Rio (Ochi).  We then taught somebody and apparently an investigator that was sitting in was pranking me and was actually a Returned Missionary.

Elder Palmer is now my companion.  I do not believe that we have pictures together yet (soon).

The bike made the journey with me.  I still have the same bike.  This area has hills as well, but they are more ride-able.

As of right not the teaching pool is really dry, but we are doing a lot of finding.  We are in the Ocho Rio Branch.

We get a new Mission President on the 30th.

Elder Palmer is from Washington state.  I have no idea what the population of Ochi is, but there are quite a few white people because of it being a tourist hot spot.

Wish you all the best,
--Elder Wood--
Riding in Style (me on my bike).

Another picture of my "awesome" bike.

Beautiful view in Ochi ... and my eye.