Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Week 10


I wish I could say that my transfer went off without a hitch, but the hitch was that the bus that I was supposed to get on, left 15 minutes before the bus I rode got there.  The Assistants to the President then drive me from Kingston to Ocho Rio (Ochi).  We then taught somebody and apparently an investigator that was sitting in was pranking me and was actually a Returned Missionary.

Elder Palmer is now my companion.  I do not believe that we have pictures together yet (soon).

The bike made the journey with me.  I still have the same bike.  This area has hills as well, but they are more ride-able.

As of right not the teaching pool is really dry, but we are doing a lot of finding.  We are in the Ocho Rio Branch.

We get a new Mission President on the 30th.

Elder Palmer is from Washington state.  I have no idea what the population of Ochi is, but there are quite a few white people because of it being a tourist hot spot.

Wish you all the best,
--Elder Wood--
Riding in Style (me on my bike).

Another picture of my "awesome" bike.

Beautiful view in Ochi ... and my eye.

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