Thursday, June 23, 2016

Week 11

June 13, 2016
So much has happened this past week.  I will try my best summarizing it in 20 minutes.

We have a golden investigator.  He is a 16 year-old (looks like he is 25) and he LOVES the Gospel.  He is recognizing the Holy Ghost in his life and keeping all of his commitments.  His baptismal is the 25th of this month, we only met him like a week ago.  Ragae is awesome

We had a baptism on Saturday.  It was Aliema, she is in a fairly active family and I am glad that she has made this step.

We floured the Branch President's wife yesterday because it was her birthday.

The terrain in Ochi is quite hilly but much more capable to ride up.  Just need to make sure I regularly replace my brake pads.

This is so awesome and I love doing the Lord's work out here,  I hope to continue blessing the lives of Jamaica while I am out here because we have a Father that truly loves us and I want to recognize His love and have the Holy Ghost in their life.

Love you all,
--Elder Wood--

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