Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Week 57

May 1, 2017

Well, another Transfer is coming to a close, it is the last week in this tranfer. I also only have 2 more days with Elder Shafer, afterwards, I will be serving with Elder Sutton. I will still be in Sav, in fact, I will be the District Leader. We had a baptism on Friday, his name is Brother McKnight. We were also able to meet with Elder Martinez and Brother Owen from the General Authorities on Saturday. That was an amazing experience to participate in. They helped remind us of why we are out here, and why we work so hard.
As for the distance to Negril, it takes us close to 45 minutes to get to Negril, depending on how fast the taxi driver drives.
I know that as we listen to the Spirit we will be able to accomplish miracles. I can't wait to tell you about the miracles that are happening in the coming week when I email you next monday. It is that time where I wish you all farewell until next time.

---Elder Wood---

We had another baptism this week! His name is Chris McKnight, he lives in Negril.
Some of his family sang a primary song to help the family set their goals toward the temple now that the entire family is now members. It so awesome that "families can be together forever"!
And as for the last one, Help! I have been buried!

Week 56

April 24, 2017

Just a short email this week. As always, I have many wonderful email to read that sometimes I almost forget to write mine. We have also been very busy this week. We moved out of our apartment and we helped the sisters move apartments as well. Our move went pretty good, as for the sisters they having a few hiccups in the move but they should settle in pretty well.
Now onto the important stuff. We are having a baptism on Friday and it will be wonderful, hopefully with the help of that family and our own efforts we can reopen the branch in Negril so those that are in Negril will not have to travel so far to partake of the sacrament. We just have to work little by little, step by step.
I love all of y'all and I will write to you next week!

---Elder Wood---

Just a picture of Elder Shafer and myself about to head out of our apartment for the day.

Week 55

April 18, 2017

This week ended really weird. As of yesterday we were preparing to do some service in the evening because nobody was really around. My companion climbed up the tree and chopped and chopped, cutting limbs off left and right. Unfortunately the cover for the machete had started to slip, so he tried to adjust it. As he did so, his finger slipped and he sliced his finger. We ended up with the zone leaders and he got stitches. Now he can say that he put his blood, sweat, and tears in to that tree.

While this is just a temporary adventure of getting the finger healed we sometimes get hit with things bigger than just a little blood. Sometimes we have to do things that we never planned on doing, does God want us to fail? Does he not want us to do what we want? No, He wants us to become better. I know that we would never become better if we were never pushed, at least not near as much growth.

I hope that you are all growing and enduring and enjoying life, because it can become a real roller-coaster sometimes.

---Elder Wood---

Doing some service for an investigator on Easter Monday. 

Elder Shafer getting his finger dressed before we go to a doctor's office and get 5 stitches.

A halo around the sun while we were in Mo-Bay, isn't mother nature weird sometimes?

Also a great sunset that I got a picture of.

Week 54

April 10, 2017

Hello all, its great to be emailing you this week. I all glad to be here because not too long ago I caught a cold and it tried to slow me down. Although there aren't any hills to climb here in Sav, there is a sun that likes to make things quite hot.
Fast Sunday was awesome, although we are a branch here, we had so many people bear their testimony about the church, the Book of Mormon, and about God's power being restored to the Earth.
In my personal studies this morning I read over something quite interesting that I hadn't thought about for a while. It's in a book called "Our Search For Happiness" it is by M. Russel Ballard. It pointed out that the reason God gives us His power because He isn't here. He gives it to us because He still loves all of us and wants to bring blessings and miracles into our lives. He wants us to talk to Him and all that he asks it that we listen and follow Him, so we can be our best. I know that is true.

I wish you all a happy week,

---Elder Wood---

These are pictures of Sav, which is extremely flat as you will see. The first picture also has my companion in it. Elder Shafer was 'posing' for the picture.

Week 53

April 3, 2017

A lot has happened this past week, but one that you all seem interested in how we listened to conference. We were able to watch and listen to General Conference in the Savanna-La-Mar meeting house. We took the Branch Clerk's computer and plugged it into a projector in the chapel. We then took a 200 foot long telephone line and moved the router into the chapel and plugged the computer into that. We watched in on LDS.org just like most people did.

As for what was said in General Conference. It was Awesome! I loved general conference. I would write more but I am out of time. I will write to you all next week. If you want me to answer any questions, just let me know.

Peace out,

---Elder Wood---

These are pictures I took last week and forgot about.

The first one is a picture of us driving through some bamboo ... trees? Anyways sorry it is a bit blurry, the rain was making it hard for the pictures.

One last picture of the view of the house in Port Antonio. No mountains is Sav.

The final one is the beginning of the trip of coming to Sav.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Week 52

March 27, 2017

Not really any pictures taken this week, Elder Shafer and I forgot to get a picture of the both of us.  For those that are unsure of what I am talking about.
I have been transferred to Sav (Savana-La-Mar) and am now serving with Elder Shafer.  It has been an awesome and busy week.  It is a branch here and it is also massive.  I hope to be able to help the Branch President in achieving the goals for the area.  I have met some really awesome people and am expecting a few baptisms in the coming weeks.
I love when the Lord directs his work because ita a lot less stressful than when you are trying to figure out how to do His work.  If you listen to the Holy Ghost and act on what He tells you.  You will be helped and comforted by our Heavenly Father.  I am out of time for this week, so we meet again next week.

Enjoy your week,
---Elder Wood---

Week 51

March 20, 2017

My Mailing address is still the same, it doesn't change even though I move around.  I will be changing though, I will be serving in Sav-La-Mar.  It is located on the opposite side of the island from Port Antonio.  This past week has been great though because of the members here.  What we missionaries call converts are those who have chosen to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  We have been working with many recent converts of helping their families to develop a closer relationship with Heavenly Father as well.  I know that going from Porty to Sav will be quite the change, but I know that I am now needed there.

I will talk to you all later,
---Elder Wood---

Found another beautiful view in Port Antonio before I head to Sav-La-Mar.  Pictures of a baptism that we had on Saturday, I actually found that we had 15 baptisms in the mission!!!