Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Week 102

March 12, 2018

Good evening Everyone,

I just want to wish you all a very happy Monday, and if it is not, do something to change it because it is not over yet.

I realized something over this past week. There is a phrase here that is used a lot "once a man and twice a child" while it normally refers to your overall life I thought about how it can apply to individual parts of one's life including my own. When I entered the Mission I didn't fully understand what I needed to be doing, as I understood better I worked better. What can happen though is when the end is in sight you tend to slow down a bit. The phrase is not a law you can choose to work past this phase or allow yourself to become childish again.

I wish to finish this part of my life as strong as I can, so I will wish you all the best.


---Elder Wood---

The first one is a picture of how Kingston used to be divided up for missionary work back in the 80s

The second is a beautiful view of Kingston from Red Hill.

The third one is a dog named Bolt. He keeps everyone that is not suppose to be in the yard out.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Week 101

March 5, 2018

Hello everyone,

I can't believe the title of the email today. Week 101, I have been a missionary for so long now :) 

This week we also had zone conference. They asked me to give a talk about studying and I compared it to cooking. The more we study, the more prepared we are to make dishes, or to talk about certain subjects. We won't always be perfect but that doesn't mean we can't prepare.

I will continue to work hard in the missionary field and I wish you guys the best.


---Elder Wood---

So the first one is of myself, Elder Edwards, and Elder Cluff at a member's yard helping him with his dogs.

The second one is Elder Menlove, he got so cold in zone conf that he needed a blanket. We were at the mission home and the room temp was maybe 75 degrees, most likely warmer, but we were freezing.

The last one is the Red Stripe factory. We were helping with a community event and it was on their field.

Week 100

February 26, 2018

Good afternoon everyone,

The first picture is a picture of Brother Barrett, his birthday was this week and we wished him a happy birthday.

The other one is a picture of Elder Menlove and some pickney at a meal we had with a member.

Oh, and a quote for the day. "“Never give up what you want most for what you want today.” ― Neal A. Maxwell


---Elder Wood---

Week 99

February 19, 2018

Good morning Everyone,

I am now 21 years old! Man, Its been quite a journey. This week I was also able to visit Stony Hill and visit some people I have not been able to see for a while.

Also, at this point in time, one of the missionaries cooked for the district, it was delicious. I have also learned that I will be staying in Kingston Branch for the last 6 weeks of my mission!

Something I learned this week was allowing others to reach a goal in a different way than you do, or in other words be different! I feel like we often judge others for doing things different than we do. I caught myself doing it with a member a few nights ago, they were explaining something in a very different way than I would. During the experience I realized that it wasn't bad, it was just different.

I hope that you all have a wonderful week and I will talk to you all later,

---Elder Wood---

Picture one is a double rainbow that happened on my birthday.

The second is a shelf that we built for a member so that they could put their family's shoes up and out of the way.

The last two are when myself and Elder Anderton got lost in Stony Hill, we found a very beautiful location.

Week 98

February 12, 2018

Good afternoon everyone,

So yesterday Sister McPherson made us lunch like she always does, but this time it was boiled food and Mackerel Rundown. It tasted great but it is indeed RUNNING down my gut, so if I don't finish this email you will know why.

Like in the previous email with the pictures, we had a baptism. Her name is Brianna and she is the daughter of Sister Baker.

On Saturday we also met a Rasta Bee Farmer. We had a good conversation with him. It was also bizarre how big his farm was for being in the middle of town.

I gave my testimony on Sunday on Baptism. I am grateful that my entire family is baptized because then we will be able to be an eternal family instead of just a family here on Earth.

I wish you all the best and I will talk to you all later,

---Elder Wood---

The first one is a picture of Elder Menlove and myself eating some rice and peas and chicken at the William's yard.

The second on is me hauling groceries upstairs today after we went shopping.

The third on is a picture of Elder Hudson, I caught him off guard with the camera.

The last one is a picture of the Baptism of Brianna. She was baptized Saturday morning.

Week 97

February 5, 2018

Good morning everyone,

As you guys emailed me about Grandpa Brown, I thought about my companion. Elder Menlove never stress, not because he doesn't care but because he knows that he does everything he can and that he is on the right track. While I find it irritating sometimes that he doesn't like to do certain things on time, I do enjoy that he loves everyone around him and shows it.

Michael, I want to see pictures of your pinewood derby car.

John and Joe, big up on the skiing, did you enjoy the pool table at his cabin?

I am going to write some more emails, if i think of something else, I will let you guys know.


---Elder Wood---

This week's pictures.

The first one is a picture of my companion (Elder Menlove) and I.

The second one is a picture of a member's music production room.

The last one is a huge tree in the yard of our apartment.

Week 96

January 29, 2018

 Good afternoon everyone,

I never seem to remember what happens in the week when I go to write these emails. This week we were able to help Danekia be baptized. Elder Menlove was almost attacked by a dog. I was on a trade-off in my old area. I also got a haircut.

There is a picture of Danekia in the other email. She just turned 8 this past week but she has been attending church every week for a very long time. She was full of smiles as she was baptized on Friday and confirmed on Sunday.

I was also up in Stony hill the other day. That brought back a lot of memories. As this transfer goes on we will do a longer trade-off and I will show them some of the awesome members in Stony Hill.

Last week Monday I got my haircut by Elder Hudson, who is a Jamaican from Junction.

If I have learned something from my time serving with Elder Menlove, and in Jamaica in general, is to find common ground. Once you find common ground with others you will be able to relate to them. It will help eliminate barriers that come when you don't find common ground. One piece of ground that I have found to be very common is that everyone needs something (yes, they need the gospel) but sometimes they can't see that far. This is one of the reasons I love service, it gives people a chance to bond and serve one another.

I will talk to you all next week.


---Elder Wood---

The first picture attached is a goofy one of the Assistants and one of our zone leaders. From your left to right it is Elder Christensen, Elder Anderton, and then Elder Harrah.

The second is a picture of myself as well as the Brown family. The father is the First councilor of the Constant Spring Branch.

The third is Elder Menlove challenging some yutes to some football.

The last one is a picture of Danekia and Elder Menlove right before the baptism.