Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Week 54

April 10, 2017

Hello all, its great to be emailing you this week. I all glad to be here because not too long ago I caught a cold and it tried to slow me down. Although there aren't any hills to climb here in Sav, there is a sun that likes to make things quite hot.
Fast Sunday was awesome, although we are a branch here, we had so many people bear their testimony about the church, the Book of Mormon, and about God's power being restored to the Earth.
In my personal studies this morning I read over something quite interesting that I hadn't thought about for a while. It's in a book called "Our Search For Happiness" it is by M. Russel Ballard. It pointed out that the reason God gives us His power because He isn't here. He gives it to us because He still loves all of us and wants to bring blessings and miracles into our lives. He wants us to talk to Him and all that he asks it that we listen and follow Him, so we can be our best. I know that is true.

I wish you all a happy week,

---Elder Wood---

These are pictures of Sav, which is extremely flat as you will see. The first picture also has my companion in it. Elder Shafer was 'posing' for the picture.

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