Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Week 53

April 3, 2017

A lot has happened this past week, but one that you all seem interested in how we listened to conference. We were able to watch and listen to General Conference in the Savanna-La-Mar meeting house. We took the Branch Clerk's computer and plugged it into a projector in the chapel. We then took a 200 foot long telephone line and moved the router into the chapel and plugged the computer into that. We watched in on LDS.org just like most people did.

As for what was said in General Conference. It was Awesome! I loved general conference. I would write more but I am out of time. I will write to you all next week. If you want me to answer any questions, just let me know.

Peace out,

---Elder Wood---

These are pictures I took last week and forgot about.

The first one is a picture of us driving through some bamboo ... trees? Anyways sorry it is a bit blurry, the rain was making it hard for the pictures.

One last picture of the view of the house in Port Antonio. No mountains is Sav.

The final one is the beginning of the trip of coming to Sav.

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