Sunday, April 2, 2017

Week 52

March 27, 2017

Not really any pictures taken this week, Elder Shafer and I forgot to get a picture of the both of us.  For those that are unsure of what I am talking about.
I have been transferred to Sav (Savana-La-Mar) and am now serving with Elder Shafer.  It has been an awesome and busy week.  It is a branch here and it is also massive.  I hope to be able to help the Branch President in achieving the goals for the area.  I have met some really awesome people and am expecting a few baptisms in the coming weeks.
I love when the Lord directs his work because ita a lot less stressful than when you are trying to figure out how to do His work.  If you listen to the Holy Ghost and act on what He tells you.  You will be helped and comforted by our Heavenly Father.  I am out of time for this week, so we meet again next week.

Enjoy your week,
---Elder Wood---

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