Friday, August 4, 2017

Week 63

June 12, 2017

So much to write in such little time!
Well this past week we were able to learn how important it is to be loving. When we show others that we care they will act not because you told them to, but because they want to be happy like we are.
As I tell everybody out here, we aren't here because we are being payed, because we are not, but because we love all of you.

That's why I am out here and why I serve others, because I love them.
---Elder Wood---

This is a picture of a cool clock that we helped fix for a member and her husband. It opens up and does a little dance every hour.
The moon was big and orange the other night. I don't think I got a very good picture of it though.
A picture of the back of my companion's head. He was suppose to take a picture of me with a lizard dangling off of my ear, but a he wasn't quick enough and the lizard got away.

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