Friday, August 4, 2017

Week 60

May 22, 2017

Speaking of weather, instead of Mother Nature getting Hot and Cold mixed up here, it has wet and dry confused. It has rained about 8 of the past 10 day, and i don't mean Seattle rain, i mean downpour. Its not stopping us, just slowing us down a bit, we have to dry our stuff out when we get in at night. 

We are staying very busy and working hard. I love the people here, they are awesome. I will send more in the mass email as always. 


---Elder Wood---

A rainbow leading to the church building. I just thought it was cool. Although my camera is waterproof I haven't been taking too many pictures because of the amount of rain Sav is getting. It won't stop us (might slow us down) from sharing this great message. 

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