Sunday, November 6, 2016

Week 31

October 31, 2016

So its Halloween day and some spooky things have been aguan (going on).  😵 None of our current investigators made it to church this Sunday, maybe they are under some evil spell.  👾 My companion's bike frame broke, maybe a rasta man's voodoo.  👻 The weather is also still above 80 degrees, maybe the summer season has been cursed to stay in Jamaica.  😎  We also swear we were outside for a re-enactment of Noah's flood ... but a few days later, its still perfectly hot and humid.  😰  There were white people everywhere yesterday, maybe the return of some lost Nephites?  But they disappeared today as well.

Its all about whether you choose to be happy or not.  As we approach conflicts with a smile it not only helps us get through it, but we also get through it quicker.  This week was a wonderful week and also some great progress with some investigators but as you can see we also had some trials.  I hope my companion and I will progress past the trials at hand and be able to increase in obedience and blessings.  Well the time is up, so I wish you all the best.  😃


--Elder Wood--

We didn't know a small cruise ship could fit into our port.

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