Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Week 34

November 21, 2016

Oh its a beautiful HOT day in Jamaica today, Saturday the temperature got down to 75 degrees and it was freezing!  Anyway this week has been fun for everyone.  We were invited and meet with a group that relied on the studying of man to prove that their "gospel: was right.  Man it was such a sad sight, even as we brought the spirit they choose to reject it.  I am so glad for the true gospel, because it allows us to be joyful as often as we want to be because our Father in Heaven who created our spirits and everything around us will respond to a sincere prayer.  That is just amazing that he loves us so much.

As we continue to be disobedient to His will, we will receive more blessings from him.  I just find that awesome.

I hope to talk to y'all next week.  If you want me to talk about something, just ask.  I hope that you will enjoy this coming week as much as I will be.

--Elder Wood--

Pictures of a beautiful view we had while we contacted and visited a less-active member.

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