Saturday, October 1, 2016

Week 26

September 26, 2016

We are a beacon to those that seek the truth.
We had a slow morning during this week.  The people we intended to see fell through.  We then went on to have lunch.  We left our bikes at the church and then walked to the place where we were going to have lunch and do some contacting.  When we got near to the cook shop, we stopped and talked to someone.  It soon grew to a crowd of about 10 people, all talking about different things.  To me, this was a testament that people can recognize something different about us and that we are not just a church, because there are many churches here, but instead, we are proclaiming the fullness of His Gospel.  We are sharing God's plan for all of us with his children.  They will recognize it, even if it doesn't quite make sense to them yet.  I need to finish up for today, wish you all a fine week.

--Elder Wood--

Our apartment where we store our bikes.
Our kitchen
Where we sleep ... and tie our ties :-)

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