Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Week 21

August 22, 206

Hi all, its been a productive week here in Ochi, as well as my last one. As of tomorrow I will be transferred to Port Antonio. We were out on the road when the 200 finals where on and it was dead quiet, and then lots of noise, Usain did it again, We didn't even have to watch it to know what happened. While thinking of what to write home, the Jamaican part of me wrote the following phrase below.

"Greeting all you Americans and other countries. I am sorry to hear that Usain Bolt took all 3 gold medals in the events he competed in, I hope that after he retires, you will actually have a chance at winning the gold again. I wish you all a fine day."

As for the work here and as for the Lord, He never retires. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I have learned that the spirit will also reveal to us only as much as we ask for and as much as we plan on acting on it. I hope you all have a fine week and I will write to you next week.

---Elder Wood---

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