Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 19


These weeks fly by so fast. I could have just sworn I sent off my last email not too long ago. Anyway, the storm missed Jamaica so all the excitement was for nothing. My companion is continuing to expose me to different foods. Last night we had chicken back with dumpling.  I need to learn how to cook these dishes for home.
Last week, Monday was Emancipation Day, which is why emails came out Tuesday. Saturday was Jamaica's Independence Day, so the branch had a celebration which was awesome (btw, I was a white rasta, i will have to see if i can send a pic of that in next week's email, remind me :P). I am not going to send too many pics of those home being the fact that i have 12 gb of pics and videos of it.
As I see people act on the message we share they continue to learn, especially in there families.  I can truly see a difference with them. I hope that they will all continue to progress, whether or not I am the one that is there, but i do hope that they will continue down this path to eternal happiness.
I think you are all awesome and everyone here in Jamaica is awesome, I love talking to so many awesome people. I need to go now so i will talk to you all later.

--Elder Wood--
Branch President dressed up as Busta Mantee

My companion dressed up with me in the background

Branch member Jody

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