Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Week 49

March 6, 2017

Hello everyone,

It's nice to talk to you all again.  I can't believe it's been a whole week already.  I am almost out of time so I will make it brief.

We have an awesome kid that we are teaching and we should be helping enter the waters of baptism.  I am also in a companionship with two other Elders.  They are Elder Rowley and Elder Rasmussen.  Elder Miller will be in the states for a little bit taking care of a family emergency.  Everything will be alright though.

I can't wait to write all of you guys again next week.

-- Elder Wood --

So first off, we went and found a small cruise shio in the marina.  Although it may be a small cruise ship, it is a BIG boat.  We also helped a member paint part of their ceiling, my comapnion (Elder Miller) was supposed to take pictures of us.  After 2 hours of painting we had to go and he forgot to take pictures.  I guess that's why I am never in pictures, because nobody else remembers to take them.  It was fun, and although I give him a hard time, I really enjoyed him.

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