Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Week 48

February 27, 2017

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope that you are all doing fantastic, if you have looked at the pictures yet, you would have learned that our companionship had a baptism this past week.  His name is Nicholi Rampasard.  It was awesome.

We had zone conference this past week.  We learned much about how each of us can be better.  I look forward to sending you more baptismal pictures in the coming weeks.  I know that its possible here, the people are ready.  We just need to prepare ourselves to listen to the spirit.

I wish that we all were able to listen to every prompting of the Spirit, oh how much more we could accomplish if we just listened!

This was also my first full week as a 20 year old.  Man, I feel old.  I can't wait to talk to you all some more next week.

-- Elder Wood --

We had another baptism this week.  His name is Nicholi Rampasard, Elder Miller, my companion baptized him.  We did it a little bit away from the church so we had to hop onto cars and travel.  There were some who rode in the trunk.  Finally there is just a beautiful picture to end it off.

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