Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 7


I am still here, my companion hasn't finished me off yet, but with the intense hill workout, the members are starting to say that I have lost weight.  I am working off all that good MTC food.

I still don't have very much of an idea of what people are saying.  They like to speak softly and in very rough Patwa.

Just about everybody here is friendly and I can talk to just about anybody, understanding them is a different story, but they are still very receptive.  We are working with quite a few investigators and some are more receptive than others, but I am learning to love all of them.

I have very much enjoyed the non-bucket showers.  I am very much getting along with others.  Well, I am out of time.

~~ Elder Wood ~~
Here I am looking tired.

My companion, Elder Brown, taking a selfie.


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Jamaica again

Even more Jamaica

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