Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Week 2 at the MTC


This has been crazy, the weeks feel like days, and the days feel like weeks. We had a devotional from Bishop W. Christopher Waddell in the presiding bishopric yesterday. The food is decent but fattening. They have decent choices and its great for cafeteria food. We have been teaching some investigators recently and it is really weird. I won't be able to email until the 25th of April because I leave Tuesday morning next week. If you wish to send something I can read before i am gone, i believe there is a site call DEAR ELDER or something like that. They print out those letters and I can read them I think within a day of them being submitted. I will be uploading pictures shortly. Sacrament and Priesthood Meeting were different here, but I kinda of enjoyed it. This is our last P-day before i will be in Jamaica.

---Elder Wood---
My MTC companion Elder Snyder (from Los Angeles, CA)
and I on our First Day at the MTC.

A support beam for the new MTC building.
Signed by missionaries at the MTC.

Look carefully and you will see Elder Wood,
Jamaica, Kingston (upside down).

Here is a picture for Elder Snyder (Melbourne, Australia)

The building the beam will be installed into.

Here we are at the Provo Temple.
This is my MTC district companions.
I am in the back row on the left.
The only one with just a white shirt.

P-day laundry.
The one day we are able to get online for 30 minutes.
We do laundry and use the internet.
Clever place to put the computers from online access.

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