Monday, April 25, 2016

Jamaica at last

I Still don't know what's going on, but I still have enough time to write a decent email.  I am in the internet cafe in Junction Jamaica.  Anybody asking for an address to see where I am close to, Ha Ha, addresses don't exist here, but if you do wish to send a letter in my direction, it can be sent here:
Elder Thomas Wood
4 Garelli Ave
Kingston 10

It will take at least 3 weeks before I will even see it though.

The weather here is hot and humid.  The Jamaicans don't really believe in A/C.  It is also really weird spending $6000 on groceries.

My companions's name is Elder Brown (he is white :P).  I will be getting a picture with him later but as of right noe, I am lacking.  Elder Brown is from Kansas and has been serving for 18 months.  We have been assigned to the Junction area and it is about the hilliest terrain I ever did see.  I am gonna have massive legs by the end of it all.

I survived the flight here to Jamaica.  Customs did try to keep the other 3 missionaries that I came through with, but I went through fine.  I waited at least 1/2 an hour waiting to see if the others were gonna come through and they finally did.

English may be the language spoken here, but it is not the way they communicate.  They use a lot of patwai and everytime someone gets excited it sounds like a foreign language.  My companion understands it decently, so I just follow his lead.

I am also surprised I haven't fallen off my bike yet.  With these big hills you get some decent speed.

Well, I am out of time.
Elder Wood

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