Friday, September 16, 2016

Week 24

September 12, 2016

Man time just flies so fast. Let's see, this week I got smoked in a game called Ludi because the rules are different in every parish and I didn't know one of them. I also busted up my front tube and got 4 holes simultaneously (I have gotten really good at patching tires). It also rained so much yesterday that the front yard of the church had like 6 inches of standing water.
Now for the important bit. I also received an increased testimony that our Heavenly Father does indeed answer our prayers. I was able to have a personal conversation with him and receive answers that I would not have thought of on my own anytime soon. I am so grateful that he can do that. I hope that you all continue to develop your personal relationship with Heavenly Father.
I will email y'all next week.
---Elder Wood---
My companion and I traded cameras and so there are more pictures of me this week
This is Jahmari, one of our investigators,
he made a bush broom.
My companion found a pine tree as we were walking up the hill after
I got the flat, he says it is the first one he has seen in Jamaica
(he is heading home this transfer, so that tells you how often pine trees are.)

Doing a repair to my front tube
I slipped off the road and got 4 holes all at once

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